Zeitgeist - Part II: All the world is a stage

Re: 9/11

There has been considerable research and inquires from many sources regarding the events of 9/11. Some is strictly in the interest of intellectual insights and enlightenment. Others clearly have an agenda to interpret or 'cherry pick' the evidence for their point of view.

Zeitgeist Part II interprets the events in support of the theory that the government orchestrated the whole event.

In researching a sampling of the theories, WebSkeptic finds that Zeitgeist offers no new insights, let alone any critical analysis.

Web Skeptic was considering publishing a point-by-point analysis of part II but, late in this project, we found another site which does just that. A spot-check of some of the analysis indicated it was pretty sound.

So for a point-by-point analysis of part II, please reference: [http://www.conspiracyscience.com/articles/zeitgeist/part-two/]


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