Welcome to the Web Skeptic

This site was started as a place to counter persistent false information perpetuated by fringe web sites. It is not intended to compete with or supplant sites with similar missions. Rather it is intended to gather and present reliable information that can be used in the great cyber dialog.

All claims are approached with a skeptical mindset that extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidence. The only agenda here is truth — and exposing reckless untruths that distract time and attention from addressing the real problems of the world.

Research Projects

Other great Fact-checking sites

No-agenda sites

Have an agenda but trustworthy

"Grain of salt" sites

  • Wikipedia Anyone can edit, even you! Still a great place to start for author's perception and resources. The Discussion behind the Edit's can provide great insights into the controversy between the topics

Fun and Fanciful

New World Order

The Weird and wacky

  • (Too numerous to list)


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