Money Masters Transcripts Part 3


But the money changing scam did not originate in Jesus' day. Two hundred years before Christ, Rome was having trouble with Money Changers.

Two early Roman emperors had tried to diminish the power ofthe Money Changers by reforming usury laws and limiting land ownership to 500 acres. They both were assassinated. In 48 B.C., Julius Caesar took back the power to coin money from the Money Changers and minted coins for the benefit of all.

With this new, plentifill supply of money, he built great public works projects. By making money plentiful, Caesar won the love common man. But the Money Changers hated him. Some believe this was an important factor in Caesar's assassination.

One thing is for sure, with the death of Caesar came the demise of plentifill money in Rome. Taxes increased, as did corruption.

Eventually, the Roman money supply was reduced by 90%. As a result, the common people lost their lands and homes - just as has happened and will happen again in America to the few who still own their own land or homes. With the demise of plentiful money and the loss of their property, the masses lost confidence in Roman government and refused to support it. Rome plunged into the gloom of the Dark Ages.

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