Money Masters Transcripts Part 2


Just who are these "Money Changers" James Madison spoke of above?

The Bible tells us that two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ drove the Money Changers from the Temple in Jerusalem, twice. These were the only times Jesus used physical violence. What were Money Changers doing in the Temple?

When Jews came to Jerusalem to pay their Temple tax, they could only pay it with a special coin, the half shekel of the sanctuary. This was a half-ounce of pure silver, about the size of a quarter.

It was the only coin around at that time which was pure silver and of assured weight, without the image of a pagan Emperor. Therefore, to Jews the half-shekel was the coin acceptable to God. But these coins not plentiful. The Money Changers had cornered the market on them. Then, they raised the price of them - just like any other mopolized commodity - to whatever market would bear.

In other words, the Money Changers making exorbitant profits because they held a virtual monopoly on money. The Jews had to pay whatever they demanded. To Jesus injustice violated the sanctity of God's house.

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The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of America

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